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The Art of Minimalism

Photo Source: Une Hir Ondelle 



The Art of Minimalism


Although the term "minimalism" has been on the rise in North America over the past decade, it has been deeply rooted in Japanese, Scandinavian and many other cultures for far longer.


While it is widely applied to industries such as architecture, interior design, fashion and style to primarily describe an aesthetic, it goes far beyond that. 


More Than Aesthetic

Minimalism is more than an aesthetic, it's a lifestyle choice and a state of mind. It's rewiring yourself to focus on things that help you live a mindful lifestyle, one that fulfills your individual purpose.


Decluttering your mind, focusing on your vision and acquiring only objects that fulfill this is the pivotal starting point. They say decluttering can create an unfound sense of calm and satisfaction. It provides a blank (or new) slate to help you re-shift your attention on what really matters. 

Scandinavian Nordic Bedroom Minimalist Wood Bench
Scandinavian Nordic Kitchen


A Minimalist Home 

In interior design and home styling, well executed minimalism is born when we've created spaces that have maximum visual and emotive impact.


These spaces are simple, yet beautiful, relaxing and familiar. They are places we want to visit to unwind and decompress. In a world where technological progressions are born daily and convenient solutions for busy modern lives are abundant, it's essential to have these spaces to re-energize and gain a sense of calm.


Calm, through a clutter-free space donned with purposeful items that remind us to slow down, enjoy the moment and soak in our thoughts. Pieces with simple silhouettes, muted tones, and natural textures collectively work to create a soothing ambiance and encourage this healthy state of mind. Getting into the habit of purposeful curation will help get us a step closer to creating a meaningful and intentional gathering space.